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60 MINUTES $130 • 90 MINUTES $180

(optional Custom Oil Blend $15 - $30)

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Heal the Healers

60 MINUTES $130 * 90 minutes $180

(optional Custom Oil Blend $15 - $30)

As we are all our own healers, this session is uniquely created to assist and support those who's work is in the healing arts. Reminding he giving qualities of Healers must also go inward to the self. A focussed session will provide one with: 

  • Supporting Empathic Sensitivities
  • Assisting in Clearing Away what no longer serves
  • Self Love/Self Care  

Synergy Shaman Series 

(includes three 60min Bodywork sessions & one 1/2 day Nature outing)


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From my shamanic teachings calling forth Spirit, Mineral Kingdom, Power of the Medicine Wheel, Nature, and Elements reawakening the Mind Body Spirit Earthly Connection



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